What is KingFit Meal Prep?

Sometimes the biggest problem to healthy eating is finding out what to eat. KingFit Meal Preparation takes the hunt out of healthy eating. We make eating healthy and losing weight easier.

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult.

Work schedules and responsibilities can make calorie counting and squeezing in workouts a hassle. All too often our motivation burns out, physical wellness goes to the wayside, and getting back on track feels impossible.

KingFit Meal Preparation makes a healthy lifestyle possible! We are here to get you on track and keep you there.

KingFit supports your healthy lifestyle by taking care of all the healthy meal preparation and lifestyle balancing.

  • No more hours spent in grocery stores searching of healthy options
  • No more hours of sweating and slaving in the kitchen
  • No more repetitive, boring meals throughout the whole week.
  • No more bland chicken and rice!!!

All of our meals are designed by personal fitness trainers and medical professionals to maximize the “fit-fuel” your body needs to run on.
We will keep you motivated each week with delicious, healthy meals.

Stay on track with KingFit.

Get fit today!

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Start losing weight and take the first step in living a healthier lifestyle with KingFit. Great food, great prices.

How it Works

No complicated surveys, procedures, or questionnaires.
All you need to do to sign up for KingFit Meal Prep is call us up and speak to one of our representatives.
A few questions and about 5 minutes later, you will be on your way to having fresh cooked meals fresh and ready for you twice a week.

Sample Menu

Your KingFit Meals include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and additional snacks for 6 days a week.While the meals provided may be enough for some individuals, all meal plans require supplementation with fresh fruits, vegetables, and clean grocery items. Not following the recommended. may result in improper nutrition and health risks.

KingFit Sample Menu

* All meals are based on an average 1400-2100 daily calorie diet for both male and females of moderate to average level of daily physical activity.
When combined with proper supplementation and exercise, KingFit customers can expect to lose up to 2 lbs a week. Take caution if you have any preexisting health conditions or concerns and always consult your health care professional before any sudden change in your diet.


Real People. Real Results. Check out some of the success stories and progress from the KingFit Community.*
Anna K.

“I’ve learned so much about eating healthy and fueling my body with good food from you guys! More than the weight loss, I feel GREAT! Can’t to see what’s up for next week!” – Anna K. (4wks)

Albert M.

“Man, your meal preps have saved me a TON of time. It really gave me the kickstart to get back in the gym and get back on track. The wheat pancakes are soo frikkin good!” – Albert M. (6wks)

Cris C.

“…thanks for the amazing food, it’s really helping me and my sis. I’m down 3lbs and I’ve lost a dress size in just two weeks. Not only is the food super delicious but it’s healthy too! Can’t wait to see results after this week.” – Cris C. (2wks)

*Results shown in testimonials are not necessarily typical. Each person’s body if different and KingFit Meal Preparation does its best to meet each individual’s dietary needs. Factors my include age, current weight, height, food allergies, and physical activity.

Our Meal Plans

No Complicated Programs. You Call. You Order. You Eat.
Choose from one of our most populat meal plans below. Fresh food made twice a week and regular menu updates!

Sign Up & Get Started!

If you are looking to start your new plan, or ask questions about our services, please contact us at 714.924.4195, shoot us an email by fill out out the form below. You will be contacted shortly by a KingFit Meal Prep representative.

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